Assertiveness training at work – a practical assertiveness course

Assertiveness means the ability to have and express one’s own opinion and to directly express emotions and attitudes within the limits of the non-violating rights and psychological territory of other people. Importantly, this attitude is devoid of aggressive behavior, and yet it allows you to defend your own rights and opinions in social situations.

In the Dutch organizational culture, an open conversation, having one’s own opinion, argumentation and consulting are important. Communication skills such as assertiveness play a key role in this process.

The result of the training

After the training, participants are able to:

  • present your opinion respecting the opinions of other people,
  • define your own limits,
  • better to deal with giving and receiving criticism,
  • better to justify your own point of view.

Participants learn to express opinions, constructive criticism and communicate their own needs. The goal is to acquire the ability to  say “no” in a diplomatic way that is not submissive at the same time not offending others.

Training “Assertiveness at work”  is designed with  focus on Polish employees in the Netherlands and is intended for both operational and managerial staff.  The training includes also topics related to cultural differences between Polish and Dutch work culture.

The training take an interactive form. Topics are introduces with short presentations and followed by discussions. The training is practical “Learning through action“. Exercise of practical situations through role playing.  At the  end aspects of assertive behavior to which participants need to pay attention to are discussed.

After completing the training, each participant receives the certificate “Assertiveness in the workplace”.

    Course information

    Customer data

    *The condition for starting the course is a minimum registration of 8 participants.

    Training program

    Practicing assertive behavior skills

    • Eye contact, voice tone, facial expression and body language, observation and interpretation, clear saying of opinions, saying “no”, expressing emotions
    • Making contact, holding a conversation, ending a conversation, negotiating, giving and receiving criticism, setting boundaries, giving compliments
    • Assertiveness versus: subasertivity and aggressiveness. Recognition of behavior

    Feedback and criticism

    • Transmission and receipt of feedback
    • Coping with emotions
    • Irrational thinking. Thoughts cause behavior and emotions (RET method)
    • Confidence. Working with greater conviction.

    Assertiveness in organizations

    • Speaking to a group
    • The art of presentation: be visible in the organization
    • Focusing attention and stopping attention

    Date and locations

    VCA Talen provides a suitable location in Rijswijk or Nijmegen, where the training takes place. On the day of the course, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages and a rich lunch are served. For groups it is also possible to conduct on-site training at the customer’s premises on request.

    Number of participants: minimum 6 maximum 10 people

    Training duration: 2-3 days.


    The price is determined individually after determining the training requirements and the size of the group

    We take many factors into account when planning the content of each course. The training program is each time adjusted to the client requirements and the specifics of the work carried out by the participants. Before starting the training, we analyze the workplace, position and responsibilities. We want our training to match the participants’ working conditions as much as possible. ”

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