For whom?
The training is designed for the management and persons fulfilling managerial functions who deal with different situations at a workplace.

Having completed the training, the participant is aware of: Labour Law and legal regulations pertaining to hazards at a workplace, hazardous situations and dangerous behaviour. The training participant is able to recognize admissible hazards at a workplace, make arrangements in the matter of work conditions, as well as to manage the behaviour of his subordinates in order to consciously undertake work duties and promote safe behaviour.

The training is conducted in an interactive way: the training material is presented by way of short presentations and it is discussed. During the training discussed are various aspects of safe behaviour and managing this behaviour from the point of view of the superior.  During the training theoretical aspects are discussed. Practical exercises are performed both in pairs and individually. The level of knowledge and practical skills are assessed by the trainer. After passing a theoretical part, and with a positive assessment of a practical examination, participants receive a certificate.

Duration time
The training lasts for one day and it consists of two parts. The training is settled before starting and it depends on the client’s wish and specificity of work performed by training participants.