Workshops on intercultural competences – cultural differences

Expanding awareness about cultural differences is today one of the most important success factors of today’s enterprises. Cultural differences have a positive and negative impact on the quality of cooperation, both in the area of interpersonal relations and business effects. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the ways of working in a multicultural environment.

The result of the training

After the training, the participants of the training:

  • will find out what to expect while working in an international team
  • how to talk and what to pay attention to in relations, in which cultural differences play a role
  • how to effectively cooperate in a multicultural environment

The training focuses on developing the skills of correct contacts with representatives of other countries and cultures. Workshops help employees communicate effectively with different nationalities and build international teams.

Training “Cultural differences in organization” is addressed to companies employing people from different cultures and nationalities and for people who work in intercultural organizations.

The training is conducted in the form of workshops. In the first part of the meeting we present theoretical issues regarding conditions shaping other cultures. The next step are discussions with the group, specific case studies, role-playing and exercises performed in writing. Participants are also invited to a case study, free discussion and feedback. The trainer also focuses on indicating the potential and strengths of each participant and indicating behaviors that can be improved.

After completing the training, each participant receives a certificate: “Cultural differences in an international organization”

    Course information

    Customer data

    *The condition for starting the course is a minimum registration of 8 participants.

    Training program

    During the training the following aspects of work in a multicultural environment are discussed:

    • Culture – attitudes, norms and values
    • Division of cultures and the role of stereotypes
    • Communication skills
    • Verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Conflicts in multicultural organizations
    • The development of cultural awareness
    • The characteristics of multinational teams

    Date and locations

    VCA Talen provides a suitable location in Rijswijk or Nijmegen, where the training takes place. On the day of the course, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages and a rich lunch are served. For groups it is also possible to conduct on-site training at the customer’s premises on request.

    Number of participants: minimum 6 maximum 10 people

    Training duration: 2-3 days.


    The price is determined individually after determining the training requirements and the size of the group

    We take many factors into account when planning the content of each course. The training program is each time adjusted to the client requirements and the specifics of the work carried out by the participants. Before starting the training, we analyze the workplace, position and responsibilities. We want our training to match the participants’ working conditions as much as possible. ”

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