Training “Group management for Polish operational managers in the Netherlands”.

This management course is created with focus on enabling participants to get the best from a wide variety of people who need to work together. Course aims to help creating a strong workplace culture which stems from effective leadership. The main goal is to help modelling leadership behaviours with the ability to understand how to identify the variety of skills available in team and harness the strength of the different profiles to achieve objectives.

The result of the training

After the training, participants can:

  • communicate in a direct, clear and aimed-for-result style
  • increase your sense of initiative and responsibility
  • recognize and solve problems in the workplace

The goal of the training is to effectively manage a team, improve the organization of work and improve communication with the employer and between employees.

The training is addressed to Polish operational managers who manage the staff. The above training is offered to organizations at every level.

The training is interactive. Topics are dealt with by means of short presentations and discussions. The training is practical: “Learning through action”. Practicing  situations through role play and then discussions on effective group management.

After completing the training, each participant receives a certificate: “Group management for operational managers”.

    Course information

    Customer data

    *The condition for starting the course is a minimum registration of 8 participants.

    Training program

    Practicing assertive behavior skills.

    • What does it mean to be a leader and what is leadership?
    • Is being a leader is innate or acquired?
    • How do leaders develop?
    • Group targeting style – test your skills as a leader


    • Communication
    • Motivating
    • Organization
    • Controlling
    • Delegation
    • Decision-making
    • Transmission of information
    • Active listening
    • Objective perception
    • Positive stimulation of employees

    Functioning in an intercultural organization.

    • The role of the Polish operations manager in the Dutch organization.
    • Relationships with the boss, co-workers and business partners.
    • Cultural differences in the organization between the Netherlands and Poland in practice.

    Date and locations

    VCA Talen provides a suitable location in Rijswijk or Nijmegen, where the training takes place. On the day of the course, coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages and a rich lunch are served. For groups it is also possible to conduct on-site training at the customer’s premises on request.

    Number of participants: minimum 6 maximum 10 people

    Training duration: 2-3 days.


    The price is determined individually after determining the training requirements and the size of the group

    We take many factors into account when planning the content of each course. The training program is each time adjusted to the client requirements and the specifics of the work carried out by the participants. Before starting the training, we analyze the workplace, position and responsibilities. We want our training to match the participants’ working conditions as much as possible. ”

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