On January 30th 2020 the annual Industrial Safety Conference will take place.Kongres Bezpieczeństwa Przemysłowego, Industrial Safety Conference

  • Date: January 30th 2020
  • Time: 8:00 until 18:00
  • Place: DeFabrique – Utrecht (Westkanaaldijk 7, 3542 DA Utrecht)

Annual Industrial Safety Conference – speakers and topics

“Security coherence” is the theme of the conference. The organizers emphasize the causal relationship between work safety and hazards. As we can read on the event page, “in both security and hazardous situations, there is always a relationship between several events. The combination of events, or decisions, can be countless, e.g. insufficient professional knowledge, lack of integrity, systems, lack of clarity of structure and processes, or conflict of interest. Everything is related to each other, where even the smallest – seemingly insignificant – part has a function in the system.”

Conference program

According to the main theme of the congress, participants will discuss topics related to security consistency. Topics cover issues related to the technical aspects of safe work, laws, regulations, as well as safety procedures and various guidelines relating to each other. What’s more, during the meetings there will be a topic related to the impact on the safety of employees’ culture, organization and behavior.

Congress shows the latest developments in the field of machine safety, process safety, anti-explosion safety and all aspects of safety culture and safety behavior.

Conference speakers and plan

The organizers mention that the congress is the result of the exchange of information between over 500 collaborators. The program lists 41 speakers, including: Harmen Alkema (Director of Control and Operations DMO) Ministry of Defense, Jaap van den Berg (Safety Culture Manager) – KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Generaal-majoor Nico van der Zee (Directeur Veiligheid) Bestuursstaf Defensie, and many other experts.

The schedule of the day is very rich. Participants may choose from sessions, LiveDemo, workshops as well as the possibility of 1:1 conversations. The day ends with a networking meeting.

Due to the large number of lectures and interesting classes accumulated in a short time, up to 13 sessions take place at the same time. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the timetable and profile of the speakers – you can download it in pdf format here.

See you on January 30th in Utrecht. If you have questions about safe work as well as VCA, professional and managerial training, please contact the VCA Talen office.