Conversations in Dutch – becoming a fluent Dutch speaker

The becoming a fluent Dutch speaker course consist of mainly conversations in Dutch. We invite people with advanced language skills that are willing to speak better, more fluently and confidently. We focus on what you ultimately need and what you want to achieve in verbal communication. Sometimes, you are still struggling with the barrier of fear of making mistakes. Conversations help you in getting used to speaking dutch as a second language.

We work with illustrations, games, situational dialogues based on which we introduce new topics, as well as remind you of words and phrases you know. Each class is full of systematically checked tasks that you have to do yourself. The introduction of these methods will help you stimulate your imagination and stimulate the formulation of new sentences, associations and ideas on topics that you would like to raise.

During the lesson current topics are raised so that you can talk freely about information from the region, the world, the press, television, politics or film.

As we mentioned, the “fluent Dutch speaker course” is mainly about conversations in Dutch, but the grammatical part will not be covered.

Conversations in Dutch – fluent speaker

  • Group 8-12 people
  • Module duration7 weeks
  • Number of hours: 21 hours
  • Lessons: once a week, Saturday at 10.00-13.00
  • Address: VCA Talen, Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk
  • Price: 474, 70 € (price includes: course, study book, training materialsonline platformdiploma after completed module)
fluent Dutch speaker intensive dutch course

Upcoming date of the course

29 October 2019

          Place: VCA Talen, Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk

Date: 29.10.2019 Time: 19:00 - 21:30


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    The course fluent Dutch speaker is designed with consideration for:

    • people who want to improve their conversational skills in Dutch
    • those willing to learn Dutch to be used as a second language in everyday life
    • people expecting results and willing to commit their work to achieve them
    • wanting to break the barriers and start communication in Dutch
    • people interested in learning grammar and correct pronunciation from scratch with a native speaker
    • interested in modern and effective teaching methods
    • ready to build confidence and meet new people

    Our teaching method is based on a combination of working with interesting illustrations, games, situational dialogues, on the basis of which we introduce new issues, as well as reminding you of words and phrases you know. Each class is full of systematically checked homework. Our lecturers are experienced NT2 teachers who only speak Dutch.

    The lessons abound in current topics so that you can talk freely about information from the region, the world, the press, television, politics or film.

    The conversations also partly include a reminder of the correct grammar.


    1. interesting materials tailored to your level and preferences
    2. materials in various forms – articles, videos, podcasts, realities
    3. correcting your mistakes and explaining them
    4. a lot of new Dutch words and expressions
    5. classes conducted only by Dutch associate professors
    6. good organization

    Conversations in Dutch are classes mainly based on interaction with the teacher and other students. After the course you will be able to speak Dutch more confidently and without stress. Your vocabulary will grow with new phrases and words. We hope to increase your self-confidence and to make you notice that in your private or professional life you are willing to talk and discuss in Dutch.

    7 weeks
    21 hours
    fluent Dutch speaker
     Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk
    Free parking

    For whom is the conversations in Dutch course NOT a good choice?

    • preparing for the NT2 exam
    • for people who are unable to attend lessons

    What do we expect from the students?

    • motivation and willingness to learn Dutch
    • for good results outside of school hours, about 3 hours of independent work a week is recommended
    • participation in lessons