The VCA EDU platform offers VCA courses and mock tests in many languages.

From now on you can listen to the courses in English – VOL and Basis VCA. Moreover, access to recordings is included in the course price.

VCA courses on the VCA EDU platform in the audio version

The courses available on the VCA EDU platform will allow you to quickly and effectively become familiar with the material required for the official exam. The course is divided into 11 sections. Each of the sections contains topics related to the given subcest.

In e The English version there are two types of  courses available:

  • BasisVCA –  lasting 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • VOL VCA – lasting: 3 hours and 3 minutes.

In each of the packages, you will find mock tests as well as one-time opportunity to take the official VCA exam.

We have added an audio recording of course content to speed up the process of learning and add a double stimulus (visual and audio). Here are the advantages of the course with the audio version available:

  • helps to determine the time needed to become familiar with the selected topic / section;
  • it is an addition to the visual version, it complements it;
  • for people whose first language is not English, it helps to read the text faster and teaches the pronunciation of selected words;
  • help people with vision problems (or who cannot read the text on the screen) read the text;
  • it is recognized that listening to the text and following it with eyes saves the learner’s energy (it is a more passive form of learning), thus allowing them to focus more on the content (the process is more effective than reading comprehension alone);
  • facilitates learning in less favorable conditions, e.g. during a break;
  • at any time you can return to the selected issue and read it again (listen many times);
  • the content is divided so that it does not last longer than 3 minutes at a time;
  • the sound was recorded by a native speaker of English ;
  • while listening to the text, you gain a sense of participation in classes and you acquire knowledge faster.