Flanged connection fitter according to the protocol (WFPr) (Pipefitter)

Training pipefitter (Flensmonteur)

After passing the exam, the participant receives a diploma for high-pressure flange connections valid for 5 years. The diploma is issued according to VCA / SOG standards and is required by Dutch employers to work in the profession: Flensmonteur; fitter of flange connections.

Pipefitter training (Flensmonteur) – flange connection fitter is dedicated to the assembly staff, for people directly involved in the assembly of seals in the petrochemical industry.

The “Pipefitter” training is a practical course. In addition to theoretical issues related to work safety and technical knowledge, the participant participates in practical exercises (preparation of sealing surface, assembly of flanges, presentation of connection types, gaskets and many others).

Training plan

  • Preparation of work
  • Identification of flanges and gaskets
  • General safety and hygiene measures
  • Equipment identification
  • Safe assembly and disassembly of connections
  • Practical exercises

The date and place are set individually. We regularly organize training in Rotterdam. It is also possible to hold a training and exam at the customer’s premises if he has the right place and equipment.

The training lasts for 2 days and consists of two parts (theoretical part and practical part). The course is run in Dutch, English, German, Polish, Turkish. The training program is each time determined depending on the client and the specifics of the work duties of the training participants.

 2 days
dla kadry monterskiej, dla osób bezpośrednio zajmujących się montażem uszczelnień w branży petrochemicznej.
 issued after passing the exam, certificate valid for 5 years
Dutch, English, German, Polish, Turkish
 Free parking (at training centre locations)
 Free lunch and coffee (at training centre locations)
equipment available at the training center locations
booking is required – group of min. 8 people, booking a date to be agreed with the client, at least 4 weeks before the planned course Practical and theoretical exam

    Course information

    Customer data

    *The condition for starting the course is a minimum registration of 8 participants.