It is advisable to be in possession of such a certificate. In the event of an accident, you must be able to demonstrate to the Inspector of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) that you have sufficient knowledge to:

Being able to drive and operate a forklift truck
Work carefully and in a concentrated way
Use safe working methods
To recognize hazards
According to the Working Conditions Act, you as an employer are obliged to ensure that your employees are properly trained. This also applies to your employees on the forklift truck. In addition, your insurance company sets a forklift certificate as an obligation.

The forklift course is intended for employees who have to work with a forklift in various work situations – both inside the building and outside – and have not yet followed specific training on forklift safety.

The forklift course is an interactive training, in which the aspects of safe working at and in a forklift truck are dealt with through short presentations and discussions. After the theoretical part, the students can put the learned course material into practice in a forklift truck. These practical assignments are carried out individually, sometimes in pairs, in a course and assessed by the trainer.

The precise content of the forklift course is determined in consultation with the course participants or client and partly depends on the wishes of the target group. It can be adjusted to specific tasks performed in a given work situations.

At the end of the course, the participant is in any case aware of the dangers of forklift trucks and what safety measures he must take. The participant is able to responsibly operate a forklift truck and he can comply with the regulations in practice. This reduces the risk of accidents in the daily work situation.


The forklift course is concluded with a theory test. When both the practical assessment and the theory test have been successfully completed, the participants will receive a certificate of participation in the forklift course. This certificate is valid for 5 years.

Length of the training

The forklift course consists of two half-days (divided into theory and practice), which usually fall on one day.


Lift truck training is organized in regular basis  at the  training center location. These trainings can also take place at a different location and time at the customer’s request.
To register or for more information, please contact our office.

 1 day
for employees who have to work with a forklift in various work situations
Rotterdam or clients location (if you have a suitable location and equipment)
issued after passing the exam, certificate valid for 5 years
Dutch, English, German, Polish, Slovak, Greek, Lithuanian, French, Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian and Russian.
free parking (at training centre locations)
 Free lunch and coffee (at training centre locations)
equipment available at training centre locations (customer makes available at customer locations)
Need of booking – group of min. 8 people, booking a date that must be agreed with the customer
Exam – theory and practice

    Course information

    Customer data

    *The condition for starting the course is a minimum registration of 8 participants.