Safe working at height – Werken op hoogte

Work at height means activities related to increased risk in the workplace, which is why it is so important that the employee is aware of the risks and performs work in a safe manner. The course ensures substantive and practical preparation. The training covers important elements, like ensuring that work is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people with the skills, knowledge and experience to do the job. The equipment user to carry the job plays also a very important role.

The training is addressed to employees who perform work duties at heights, or issue orders in various work at heights and have not yet received specific training regarding aspects of safe work.

What does the training and exam look like?

After completing the training of Werken op hoogte- Safe work at heights – the participant is aware of:

  • legal regulations when working at heights,
  • dangers (dangerous situations,
  • unsafe conduct when working at height),
  • approaches to safety aspects at work at the height of using correct measures that are present on the premises of the workplace,
  • aspects of the application of collective personal protective equipment.

After completing the training, the participant is able to safely use personal protective equipment and comply with the regulations. The course makes the employee aware of the risks and take preventive actions in the work process.

The date and place are set individually. We regularly organize training in Rotterdam. It is also possible to hold a training and exam at the customer’s premises if he has the right place and equipment.

 1 day
to employees who perform work duties at heights, or give orders in various work at heights and have not yet received specific training on aspects of safe work.
 Rijswijk, Nijmegen or clients location (if you have a suitable location and equipment)
 issued after passing the exam, certificate valid for 5 years
Dutch, English, German, Polish, Slovak, Greek, Lithuanian, French, Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian and Russian.
 Free parking (at training centre locations)
 Free lunch and coffee (at training centre locations)
of booking – group of min. 8 people, booking a date that must be agreed with the customer
Exam – theory

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    *The condition for starting the course is a minimum registration of 8 participants.