VIL VCU  – Work Safety For Intercedents Job Centres

VIL VCU training and exam are offered in all official courses and exams languages: Dutch and English.

The VIL VCU training is intended for people who act as intercessors / managers of employment agencies. The VIL VCU certificate proves that the principles of management, delegation and supervision of employees are consistent with the applicable Labor Law. Together with VIL VCU, you can indicate that the employee is aware of the safety requirements imposed on employees in companies with SCC certification.

VIL-VCU is largely similar to VOL-VCA (Work Safety for Operational Managers), but also includes unique information specifically for brokers. These are information related to, among others: legislation and liability regarding employment agencies, relations between the client – employment agency and temporary employee.

We organize regular training and exams in the Netherlands in the regions of Nijmegen, Den Haag. We invite you to contact us directly to organize training at selected by you location  or to register for the course / exam organized in our permanent locations.

 1 day or 2 days
 for people who act as intercessors / managers of employment agencies
 in Nijmegen en Den Haag / in the location chosen by the customer
certificate valid 10 years
 check upcoming courses/exams
Dutch, English
 Free parking
 Free lunch and coffee

About the VIL VCU exam

The possibility of obtaining a certificate is only one – passing the formal exam. The exam is available in Dutch and English. The VIL VCU test consists of 70 closed questions. Questions take forms:

  • multiple choice questions (variable number of correct answers)
  • questions types “matrix”
  • “matching” questions – assigning the correct answer

The candidate has 75 minutes to solve the computer test. Getting 45 points or more means that the result of the exam is positive. After passing the exam, the candidate receives a certificate valid for 10 years.
The validity of the certificate is checked on the VCA Centraal Diploma Register website.

VIL VCU training with an exam or the exam itself?

For our clients, we have prepared two options for obtaining a certificate

Option 1: 2-day training + exam
Option 2: 1-day training + exam
Option 3: the exam itself
The client decides whether he is taking a preparatory course to pass the exam or joining the exam itself.

VCA Mock exam*

Familiarize yourself with the test formula and check out sample questions.
The Basis and VOL VCA mock exams consisting of 10 questions are available on our website.
Free Basis and VOL VCA Mock Exam