VCA mock exam

Free VCA mock exam/test

Through the VCA Talen website it is possible to get acquainted with the form and selected possible questions of VCA tests.

Free trial tests available on the website contain 10 questions, which is 25% of full tests. Accordingly, the test time is also 25% of the official test. Questions take the forms of questions:

  • multiple choice,
  • matrix type (answer yes / no),
  • with only one correct answer,
  • on matching / mapping.

Thanks to free online tests, a person who wants to get a VCA certificate can test their knowledge not only in the field of VCA knowledge, but also get acquainted with the form of the exam.

As a bonus, after completing the trial test, the answers with the correct and incorrect ones are displayed, as well as a short information containing the theory allowing to consolidate the knowledge tested in the given question.

Mock tests/exams in selected languages:















Full VCA test in a computer form

The training offered by VCA Talen offers full mock tests/exams in a computer and / or printed form.

Each course participant has the opportunity to test their knowledge during the course. In addition, the online test is built so that the trainee can get acquainted with:

  • form of the official course,
  • the way of providing answers,
  • answering questions under time pressure.

After each test, subjects causing doubts  are discussed. The trainees can ask additional questions, thanks to which knowledge is consolidated, and thus the awareness of the practical application of safe work practices increases.

You can read more about the official VCA exam on our website.

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