Each member of your team should have a valid VCA diploma. At VCA Talen, we regularly conduct courses for individuals, but also groups submitted by employers or employment agencies.
Learning from the experience gained over the years, we can say that one of the important elements of VCA training is the possibility of organizing it at any time and preferably place selected by the customer. An online platform is an ideal solution to the problem of course availability. It adds the needed flexaility.

From June 2021, group enrollment packages are available on the VCAEdu training platform. VCA – online courses for groups.

The main features of the training package for companies and employment agencies

The VCAEdu platform offers VCA Basis and VOL VCA training as well as mock tests in sets of two, three, and four. As an organization, you can purchase through a group account. Its main advantages are:

  • online access to training materials 24/7 – on demand
  • responsiveness – works on any device with an internet connection
  • no need to install additional applications
  • possibility to add group members at any time
  • immediate access to materials
  • multilingual (tests available in 16 languages)
  • the ability to track the progress of group members
  • easy group management
  • one price – the package includes a course with mock tests and official examination or only mock tests with an official exam

Classic or online VCA course?

As an employer, you often need to train employees. Sometimes it is a larger group at the same time. However often those are single employees in need of quick access to the training.

If you want to interact with the course instructor, ask questions, or the course you are interested in is not yet available online, you can choose from:

  • you can ask to organize a course for your group at the time you choose,
  • you have the option of adding individuals to regularly organized courses in Nijmegen and Rijswijk

However, if time is crucial and you wish to start immediately, you can take advantage of VCA – online – courses for organized groups.

How to manage a group?

By choosing a group course access, you will gain access to the Group Leader Panel. By purchasing a given number of accesses, you can add users to the platform at any time. The only thing you need is the user’s name and email address. Moreover, the built-in function of the platform will allow you to send an invitation to a given user. They will receive their own account and immediate access to the materials. You can re-invite or delete group user members at any time without the need of contacting VCAEDu.

Once you have assessed that the employee is ready to take the exam, simply make a reservation for an official exam by contacting the office.

What does the VCA Online course look like?

The online course covers the full material of the knowledge required to obtain a diploma at the VCA Basis and VOL VCA levels.

The course is divided into short sections and topics. You can view a single topic at any time, pause your course progress, and return to it at any time.

After reading the theoretical part, you can test your knowledge and familiarize yourself with the form of the exam thanks to mock tests