Due to the presence of a coronavirus in the Netherlands, we have introduced a number of additional rules and preventative measures during VCA courses and exams.VCA - mycie rąk koronawirus

Preventive action introduced before VCA courses and exams

We want to inform you about the following preventive actions taken in the premises where the VCA exams and courses take place.

Before the exam (each time):

  • disinfection of door handles, tables and chairs
  • disinfection of computers (keyboards) and mice
  • thorough ventilation of rooms
  • additional disinfection of toilets.

During the course and exam

  • we ask participants of courses and exams to wash their hands and / or disinfect with available means just before the start of classes
  • please do not shake hands
  • please cover when coughing and sneezing nose and mouth (disposable handkerchief)

What to do if I suspect I am infected and I have scheduled a training and / or exam date?

Whenever a person planning to attend (already scheduled) a  training and / or an exam  in upcoming time shows signs of a virus, please contact the VCA Talen office to reschedule the date of the exam.
At the same time, we would like to inform you that our trainings and / or exams take place according to the schedule available on our website. We will inform you immediately about any changes.

If you have questions about additional hygiene rules introduced during VCA courses and exams, please contact our office.