VCA – Veiligheids- en milieu Checklist Aannemers 0- Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC). In industries such as petro (chemical), construction, metallurgy and other engineering works, employees and their supervisors should have a valid VCA diploma. Depending on the tasks and responsibilities, the employee must obtain a different level of VCA – starting from Basis, by Vol up to VIL VCU.

Basis is a basic requirement and applies to all employees. If you supervise the team, it is recommended to have a VOL VCA diploma. On the VCAED platform, you will find the VOL VCA e-learning course, i.e. remote preparation for the official exam. However, before you decide to start learning, check if it is the right diploma for you. VOL VCA e-learning course.Kurs VOL VCA e-learning

Difference between Basis and VOL VCA

All subjects covered by the course and examination questions are related to the basics of workplace safety with a part dedicated to the Netherlands. Both courses, Basis and VOL VCA,  cover issues related to labor law in the Netherlands, accidents, and organization of work at increased risk, including e.g. work at height or underground. The course designed for management stuff (VOL) additionaly covers a number of topics related to the management and safe organization of teamwork. Thus, the VOL course is an extended version of the Basis, with topics related to the role of the manager.

VOL VCA in other languages

We often receive questions about the possibility of taking the exam in a other language than Dutch. While official Basis level examinations are held in 18 standard languages, VOL is only possible in Dutch, English, French and German. Thanks to the VOL VCA e-learning course on the VCAEdu platform, it is possible to prepare for the exam in the first 2 languages.

Where can I take the VOL VCA course and exam?

If you want to prepare for the official exam, you can choose the VOL VCA e-learning course or a traditional stationary course. The VCAEdu platform enables learning at any time and place on any device with Internet access. There is no need to install additional applications. For those interested in the traditional course, we recommend contacting the VCA-Talen office. Exams are held regularly several times a week.

Do I need to have both diplomas?

It is not necessary to have both diplomas. If you perform practical work duties, the Basis VCA diploma is enough. The VOL VCA diploma is dedicated to the managerial staff and people running their own businesses.

I run my own business (ZZP) or do I need a VOL diploma?

As a ZZP, you manage your own work. It is recommended to have a VOL VCA diploma. However, if your level of knowledge of foreign languages ​​in which it is possible to take the exam does not allow you to fully understand the matter, we recommend obtaining the VCA Basis diploma. However, you must remember that as a ZZP, you may receive an opportunity to manage a team, there you will be asked to present the VOL VCA diploma.

VOL VCA e-learning course – How does the preparation for the exam look like on the platform?

If you want to prepare for the exam using the VCAEdu e-learning platform, you can choose the VOL VCA course in English and Dutch. By purchasing the selected package, you gain access to:

  • the course – covering all the topics required for the exam
  • mock exams. 6 practice tests, two (2) of which are test simulators – the same number of questions and time limit.
  • official VCA exam at a place and time chosen by you.

After learning the course material and testing your knowledge with mock exams, you decide for yourself whether you are ready to take the officialexam. On the VCAEdu website you will find a list of places where it is possible. After contacting the VCAEdu office, you will set exam date.