We are happy to inform, that on our website two new mock exams can found  – VOL VCA mock exam in Dutch and English. 

For whom  VOL VCA?

We encourage everyone to do the free exam and test their knowledge. This test should help to get familiar with:

  • type of questions
  • topics covered  in exam for Operational Managers
  • computer form of the exam

The VOL VCA certificate should be obtained by anyone aspiring or already occupying managerial position. As Operational Manager, besides taking care of his own safety, you will be obliged to  take care of the team’s safety as well as the environment. These topics are addressed in the VOL VCA training. Each Operational Manager must have a Basis and VOL VCA certificate.

Languages of the exam

The official exam is available in 4 languages: Dutch, English, German and French. On our websitesite, mock tests in Dutch and English are now available.

Visit the page of Free Mock Exams