Dutch language lessons – advanced level

The advanced level dutch lessons are aimed at people who want to communicate freely and spontaneously in such a way that interactions with the native language user become natural. Knowledge of the language at B2 level means that a person is able to speak clearly and in detail on many topics related to interests, can present views on the current topic both in speech and in writing.

Course Dutch  B1 – B2  :

  • Group 8-12 people
  • Module duration3 months / 12 weeks
  • Number of hours: 30 hours
  • Lessons: once a week, Monday at 19.00-21.30
  • Address: VCA Talen, Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk
  • Price: 435, 60 € (price includes: course, study book, training materialsonline platformdiploma after completed module)
Dutch lessons, Dutch course advanced

Upcoming date of the course

29 October 2019

          Place: VCA Talen, Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk

Date: 29.10.2019 Time: 19:00 - 21:30


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    The dutch language lessons in the advanced level are designed with consideration for:

    • people at B1 level who want to continue learning Dutch and be able to express more complexity
    • wanting to learn correct pronunciation, new words and the rules of grammar
    • people expecting results and wanting to commit their work to achieve them
    • wanting to break the barriers and start communication in Dutch
    • people interested in learning grammar and correct pronunciation from scratch with a native speaker
    • interested in modern and effective teaching methods
    • ready to build confidence and meet new people


    • new vocabulary on given language level 
    • breaking the language barrier
    • you will learn to listen actively
    • during lessons you use didactic materials
    • you get a book and access to the online platform
    • friendly atmosphere

    After completing the course the participant is able to:

    • understand the meaning of the main threads of the message contained in complex texts on specific and abstract topics
    • understand discussions on technical topics in your field
    • communicate fluently and spontaneously enough to have a normal conversation with a native Dutch speaker, without causing tension to either party
    • formulate oral and written statements on a wide range of topics
    • explain your position on issues under discussion, considering the pros and cons of different solutions

    Level B2 is build out of two 30-week modules. This means that the student participates in 60 hours of the course and additionally is expected to devote approximately 3 hours a week to self study.

    12 weeks (1 module)
    21 hours
    Dutch language proficiency B1-B2
     Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk
    Free parking

    For whom is the advanced Dutch course NOT a good choice?

    • preparing for the NT2 exam
    • for people who are unable to attend lessons

    What do we expect from the students?

    • motivation and willingness to learn Dutch
    • for good results outside of school hours, about 3 hours of independent work a week is recommended
    • participation in lessons