VOL VCA course in one of 4 languages (all official exam languages) – the courses are taught in Dutch, English, German and French.

About VOL VCA training

The issues related to VOL VCA are the whole “sea of ​​knowledge”. Beyond the core issues of Work, Accidents, Work with Hazardous Substances or Work Permits, they also include additional information on:

  • the identification of dangerous activities and situations,
  • accident prevention measures,
  • SCC certification,
  • emergency plan and the organization of so- “Toolbox meeting”.

For whom is the VOL VCA training meant?

The training Safety for Operational Managers trains operational managers in supervising safe working in their organization. Because for the creation of safe working in the workplace, the exemplary behavior of managers is of great importance. Employees will be more inclined to work safely themselves if their supervisor does this too. That is why it is important for managers to know the rules and identify and resolve employability problems among their employees.

What does the VOL VCA training involve?

The VOL VCA training is a more extensive training than the training Basic Safety VCA, which is especially suitable for (sub) contractors. There is some overlap in the course materials, but VOL VCA deals more fully with the laws and regulations regarding safe working. In addition, attention is paid to:

  • responsibilities of managers;
  • the Task Risk Analysis;
  • ergonomics of the workplace;
  • the causes of physical and mental strain.

Person holding VOL VCA diploma is  aware of the (European) laws and regulations concerning safety and the environment. Whit is more, he/she can also recognize unsafe situations, anticipate them, approach your employees for unsafe behavior and thus prevent accidents. In addition participants of the training will learn to actually take into account own health, that of the employees one manages and the environment.

Where do the training sessions take place?

VCA Talen organizes the VOL VCA training and the corresponding exam in the regions Nijmegen and The Hague (Rijswijk). In addition, we can also provide the VOL VCA training courses at your company location. The trainings are given in Dutch, English, German and French.

Contact us or take a look at ‘Coursesagenda‘  for more information.

1 day
for people who are supervisors
in Nijmegen and Den Haag / in the location chosen by the customer
certificate valid 10 years
check upcoming courses/exams
Dutch, English, German, French
Free parking
Free lunch and coffee

Validity of the certificate

A certificate obtained at VCA Talen is valid in the Netherlands, but also in other EU countries. The document has a validity of 10 years. After these 10 years you will have to take another exam. The certificate is issued once and is not transferable. The document is in the name of the person who took the exam.


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