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Digital Diplomas and passes VCA and SOG

Since January 2023, every successfully passed VCA and SOG exam will be communicated online and you will receive the result of the exam digitally. You will also receive the diploma and accompanying pass digitally. Thanks to this, you will have the VCA pass in your phone! From 2023, paper diplomas and associated cards will no [...]

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VOL VCA e-learning course

VCA - Veiligheids- en milieu Checklist Aannemers 0- Safety Certificate for Contractors (SCC). In industries such as petro (chemical), construction, metallurgy and other engineering works, employees and their supervisors should have a valid VCA diploma. Depending on the tasks and responsibilities, the employee must obtain a different level of VCA - starting from Basis, by [...]

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Health and safety checklist – self-assessment for small businesses

Legal obligation of inventory and risk assessment- Health and safety checklist When running the business in the Netherlands, the employer is obliged to ensure the safety and health of employees in all aspects related to work.  The legal basis for the need for inventory and risk assessment (performing health and safety checklist) is described [...]

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Online tools for Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E)

According to Dutch law, every company that employs workers is obliged to perform a risk analysis regarding potential health risks and to draw up an action plan aimed at eliminating those. However, these risks vary depending on the company profile. The Steunpunt RI&E came up with an instrument for the Dutch labor market helping [...]

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VOL VCA Mock exam available of our website

We are happy to inform, that on our website two new mock exams can found  - VOL VCA mock exam in Dutch and English.  For whom  VOL VCA? We encourage everyone to do the free exam and test their knowledge. This test should help to get familiar with: type of questions topics covered  in exam [...]

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VCA * certification REPBET – successfully completed!

Certification process for companies and consultants ended with a positive audit result. Example of REPBET. With the assistance of VCA Talen the REPBET company has passed an audit of VCA standards (VCA  audits for companies). The auditors have checked the REPBET organizational units and found that no inconsistencies were in place, which got recognized [...]

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Reduce the danger at the source! -hazards in the workplace.

Labor law and employer's obligations The Dutch Law on Working Conditions (VGM Act) imposes many obligations on employers. The main purpose of Arbo-wet is to protect employees while working. Its assumption is also to ensure the best possible working conditions and their continuous progress. Employers are also subject to other provisions, such as: - Working [...]

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Changes in the VCA system from 1 September 2017

Changes in the VCA system starting September 1, 2017 Starting September we can expect major changes in the current VCA system. In this article you will read more about the new VCA exam. New types of exam questions The current VCA exam consists  single choice questions (= only one correct answer). The questionnaire for the [...]

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Have you done LMRA?

Have you done LMRA? Your safety at work. In accordance with the provisions of the Dutch Law on the conditions of the work environment, the employer is the first responsible in the work process. This is because he creates the conditions under which the employee performs his duties. The Dutch law and additional regulations, eg [...]

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VCA mockexams 2018

VCA mockexams From September 2017, candidates who wish to take the VCA exam can be faced with changes. In previous articles we have already discussed the most important changes. What is most striking is the fact that there are different exam questions. Obviously, the questions look different, but more attention is also needed to successfully [...]

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