VCA and BHV courses in different languages. Work safely!


This will certainly be a very intense year! We are already presenting you with a training plan for the next three months. When undertaking work at higher risk, it is worth taking care of knowledge, awareness of hazards and proper preparation. If we approach occupational safety issues, we are recklessly exposed to an accident at work or loss of employment.

VCA and BHV courses open subscriptions

Starting from January, we offer training in several different languages. In the first quarter, we set dates for open VCA and BHV training. We want people who work in the Netherlands to acquire basic knowledge of work safety and be able to take traffic in the event of an accident or fire in the workplace. We hope that our trainings will reduce accidents and improve working conditions.
When it comes to security, there are no language barriers!
Remember, when it comes to security, there are no language barriers! We conduct our trainings in 18 different languages ​​in cooperation with specialists from around the world. Our team consists of specialists in occupational safety and health, psychology and work and human behavior. Below you will find a Basic VCA and BHV training plan with available dates and localizations. There is a possibility to choose one training ( VCA) or a combination of the VCA + BHV offer.

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