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Checklist VCA already in 18 languages!

Checklist of VCA exam words in 18 languages! When preparing for the VCA exam, it is worth getting acquainted with the exam terminology. VCA Infra has made available on its website a list of words that appear on VCA exams. The translation was made in 18 different languages ​​(including Polish). Translation of important terms and [...]

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Changes to VCA standard languages ​​from January 2019.

Changes to VCA standard languages ​​from January 2019. Six languages ​​will not be offered as a standard VCA exam language. With VCA Infra's decision starting January 1, 2019, six VCA exam languages ​​will require prior application, as well as the price of the exam. These are the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Italian and [...]

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Reduce the danger at the source! -hazards in the workplace.

Labor law and employer's obligations The Dutch Law on Working Conditions (VGM Act) imposes many obligations on employers. The main purpose of Arbo-wet is to protect employees while working. Its assumption is also to ensure the best possible working conditions and their continuous progress. Employers are also subject to other provisions, such as: - Working [...]

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Are you safe at work? Persons provide first aid at the workplace – BHV

Are you safe at work? Persons provide first aid at the workplace - BHV Have you ever wondered if you are safe at work? Do you know how to behave in a life-threatening situation? Do you know when you are entitled to stop working? Do you finally know how you should react when your friend [...]

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VCA and BHV courses in different languages. Work safely!

VCA and BHV courses in different languages. Work safely!   This will certainly be a very intense year! We are already presenting you with a training plan for the next three months. When undertaking work at higher risk, it is worth taking care of knowledge, awareness of hazards and proper preparation. If we approach occupational [...]

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Changes in the VCA system from 1 September 2017

Changes in the VCA system starting September 1, 2017 Starting September we can expect major changes in the current VCA system. In this article you will read more about the new VCA exam. New types of exam questions The current VCA exam consists  single choice questions (= only one correct answer). The questionnaire for the [...]

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Open courses and exams VCA Basic, VCA VOL, VCU VIL

We would like to present you our offer on open courses and exams VCA. You can make a registration and achieve the VCA Diploma! OPTION I: course and exam BASIC VCA/polish language: 27.02.16- course and exam- Nijmegen 05.03.16- course and exam- Nijmegen 12.03.16- course and exam- Rijswijk/Den Haag VOL VCA/dutch language: 19.03.16- course and exam- [...]

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VOL VCA- one-day or two-month courses for entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur, Safety at work is very important factor for everyone. There are a new rules for all owners in the Netherlands, who work in building/technical sector. All rules are write down in a CAO Code (Labour Code) for builing profession. There are some important changes in 2016, which you must know. One of new [...]

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