The VCA diploma is issued together with the VCA card. The diploma is in the form of an A4 paper sheet and is best kept in a safe place, e.g. at home with other documents. The VCA card is in a credit card format, made of plastic and can fit in your wallet. These documents serve as the evidence confirming that their owner has mastered theoretical knowledge in the field of VCA – occupational safety, and has passed the exam. This applies to the Basis level, VOL VCA and VIL VCU levels.

What to do if you lose your VCA diploma?

It may happen that these documents get lost, they lose their readability or are destroyed. What should you do in such a case?

The diploma and the VCA card are personal documents. To issue a duplicate and identify the holder, it is necessary to check if the VCA entitlements are still valid by providing the name and surname of the holder and a date of birth. To do this you can visit The number of the diploma and details of obtaining it are available on this page.

How to get a copy of the documents?

If the rights are still valid, i.e. the period of 10 years has not expired since the document was issued, you can request a copy of the documents.

VCA Talen issues copies of documents to all its clients. If the exam application was a private initiative, you can contact us directly.  After searching and confirming your identity  in our  customer base we will be happy to assist you in obtaining copies of the documents. For people delegated to us by companies or employment agencies, we suggest contacting the employer. There is a chance that they have a copy of the document.

The VCA diploma has expired

In case the lost VCA diploma has lost its validity, it is necessary to retake the exam. However, we recommend attending a preparation course or checking your ability to pass by answering computer-based test questions.